We provide expert and experienced urological diagnosis and treatment personalised on the individual man or woman with the newest and best technology available.

We have developed a large volume of experience by focusing individually on the diagnosis and treatment of specific  bladder, prostate, kidney, penile and other urological problems.  Our patients come from all over the UK including Central London and as far as Scotland and Cyprus.

We specialise in robotic surgery for prostate and kidney problems. Omer Karim was named as one of the top prostate cancer surgeons by the Daily Mail. Read reports by patients on whom Omer Karim has operated.  Marc Laniado performs focal therapy for prostate cancer for maximal preservation of quality of life and cancer treatment.

  • 4Kscore Test  a blood test better than PSA to more accurately identify men at high-risk for prostate cancer likely to cause problems
  • We have adopted the newest techniques including: MRI/TRUS fusion for MRI-targeted prostate biopsies
  • prostate-mapping,
  • Prolaris test to avoid overtreatment in high risk disease and suggest treatment in apparently low-risk disease
  • HIFU for focal therapy i.e. treat the important cancer but leave the rest of the prostate and nerves for erections unaffected.
  • 3rd generation da Vinci Si Surgical system from Intuitive Surgical to offer nerve-sparing robotic prostatectomy as a treatment for prostate cancer at the London Clinic and Wellington Hospital. The da Vinci Si Surgical sytem harnesses the best of robotic accuracy, human judgement and minimal invasiveness to remove prostate cancer, and maximally preserve potency and continence. 
  • Working with Prague Proton Beam centre for prostate cancer treatment
  • We recently hosted the 2nd UK course on robotic prostate and kidney cancer surgery on Feb 2 and 3rd attended by urologists from all over the world

 Omer Karim and Marc Laniado at robot (www.windsorurology.co.uk).jpg 

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