Mr Hanif Motiwala

Mr Hanif Motiwala

Mr Motiwala specialises in helping woman who have a problem with leaking urine and men with weak erections or bending on erection

He uses minimally invasive techniques to treat this condition. Treatment options can include Botox injections and transobturator tapes to eliminate or reduce bladder leakage.

Mr Motiwala is one of the leaders in this field and has an impressive track record in successfully treating bladder conditions using innovative non-invasive techniques.

Also specialising in removal of tumours in the bladder and in surgery to reconstruct the bladder, perhaps, if an area has been removed as part of a cancer treatment. Mr Motiwala is recognised as a leading surgeon in reconstructive techniques.

At the forefront of treatment for male erectile problems, Mr Motiwala specialises in this area, uising penile implants, for physical conditions, that include weak or non-existent erections and problems that cause the penis to bend or point in the wrong direction. An article was published in the Daily Mail after surgery performed by Mr Motiwala for Peyronie's disease restored the penis to a normal angle and good length.