Booking an appointment   

The consultants are available every weekday (8am to 8pm) and on Saturday mornings, so you can have your first appointment within 24 hours. In emergencies, we see patients out of hours including Sundays.

Either call 01753 847 247 or, to make an appointment for a specific consultant, call:   


Mr Omer Karim MS FRCS(Urol)
Tel: 01753 621 815
Fax: 01753 869 094   

Mr Marc Laniado MD FEBU FRCS(Urol)
Tel: 01753 860 071
Fax: 01753 869 094   

Mr Hanif Motiwala MS FRCS(Urol)
Tel: 01753 858 467
Fax:  01753 623 505  

You can also complete an  online form here to request an appointment.

The secretaries are available Monday to Friday usually between 8.30 am and 6pm. At other times, either leave a phone message or in an emergency contact the switchboard at the Princess Margaret Hospital (01753 743 434) and they will be able to reach us.

Your first visit

When you visit for the first time it would be appreciated if you could arrive about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time so that we can ensure that we have all of your details. Please remember to bring your insurance policy and authorisation number if you are using insurance.

When you made your appointment there may have been special requirements, for instance you may be asked to arrive earlier, with a full bladder, or you were asked to bring additional information with you. If the request was for additional information you can down load the appropriate form here.

When you arrive   

Please let our receptionist know that you have arrived at our clinic.   

Our receptionist or one of our medical secretaries will check that we have all of the required information and will let your consultant know that you have arrived.