Latest Technology and Techniques

What is HIFU?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is the name for a technique to treat prostate cancer. Like a magnifying glass focuses light rays to a focal point, HIFU concentrates sound waves on a precisely targeted, tiny area of diseased tissue. HIFU heats the tissue to about 100°C degrees and destroys it. 

The advantage of visually Directed HIFU over conventional HIFU is that the surgeon uses real-time feedback to adjust the amount of energy needed to ensure eradication of the diseased tissue whilst protecting healthy tissues. The active involvement of the surgeon in the planning and treatment achieves a higher rate of success.

HIFU is a relatively new treatment that has become popular as it is minimally invasive with few side effects.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic Surgery offers minimally invasive robot assisted laparoscopic. The main benefits to the patient may include, reduced pain and trauma to the body, less anesthesia, less blood loss and need for transfusions, less post-operative pain and discomfort, less risk of infection, shorter hospital stay, less scarring and improved comesis, faster recovery and return to normal daily activities.

The use of Robotics also offers benefits to the surgeon in enhanced 3-D visualization, improved dexterity, greater surgical precision, improved access and an Increased range of motion

Robotic Surgery’s computer-enhanced technology integrated with the surgeon’s expertise, enables surgeons to perform extremely delicate and precise minimally invasive surgery. Reducing trauma to the patient by allowing surgery to be performed through small ports or "keyholes" rather than large incisions, resulting in shorter recovery times, fewer complications and a reduced hospital stay.

What are Minimally Invasive Treatments?


These are tapes that support bladder control and are applied using tiny incisions. The procedure is generally completed as a day patient. Normal activity can be resumed almost immediately and the benefits of the treatment are apparent for many years.

What is laser treatment?

Lasers are the most remarkable tools that have are extremely important in urological treatments. They are used to treat kidney stones, using a tightly directed ‘beam’ they vaporise the stone(s).

Lasers are also used in the treatment of men when an enlarged prostate affects the process of passing urine. The treatment if very effective in returning this function back to normal.

Erectile Dysfunction

What are LUE procedures?

This treatment is used for men with bending of the penis or without strong erection. In the past treatments for this condition have resulted in loss of length of the penis.

LUE techniques allows straightening of the penis with preserved length